Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Mother of All Traffic Jams

Photo: A subliminal message from the Kenyan government?

So the Kenyan government is carrying on with it's attempts to reduce traffic congestion in the central business district. They are doing this by preventing public transport, matatus and buses, from entering the city, not by encouraging private vehicles, mostly carrying one occupant, to park outside the city and take public transport.

Tomorrow morning, there will be a lot of bosses in offices wondering where their employees are. In the evening, census enumerators will be tramping from house to house, only to find that the occupants haven't returned home yet. People will be doing a lot of walking around, trying to find where their bus or matatu leaves from or where it arrives.

The problem is, the Kenyan government seems to have no idea how people are supposed to get from one out of town stage, say South of Nairobi, to another, say North of Nairobi. They can walk and...well, that's it. If they can afford a taxi they are probably driving a car already.

The Kenyan government have forgotten something: reducing congestion is supposed to be of benefit to people; it is not supposed to make things more difficult for them. Single occupancy cars and taxis should be penalised, not public transport vehicles.

Photo: Street in Issli/Eastleigh, Nairobi. Sphere: Related Content


  1. The government is obviously going about this the wrong way.

    I had started typing then realised, I was doing a post on your post. Am gonna do a post on this topic at my end.

  2. Hi Mama
    I think a lot of Nairobians are annoyed about this. It's very hard to plan a journey around town right now. Not that it was easy before, but being chucked out of a matatu some place far out of town is not good, especially if you've no idea how to get to town!

    I'll look out for your postings, nice to meet other bloggers in Kenya.